• June 25, 2024

Beautify Your Entrance and Hallways with Runner Rugs

Runner rugs also called as hallway runners are narrow and long rugs designed for small areas like halls and entryways. You can find a wide range of runners from a top reputed store made with top quality natural materials like seagrass and sisal. Rugs made of natural fiber are durable,Guest Posting attractive and eco-friendly that makes the best rugs for your house. These rugs are typically 8’long by 2’6’’ wide. They help in transforming your hallway or entrance from an emptying looking and unused space to a welcoming and warm path through your house. Nevertheless, dimensions of the hall runner rugs are best for most of the hallways but they can also be a good choice that offers a cushioned comfort around the sides of your bed or in front of a big window. Where a full-size rug will not be perfect these rugs are the perfect way to add comfort and color to areas of your house.

Why You Should Choose Runner Rugs made of Natural Fiber?

Natural materials such as sisal, jute, and seagrass are an environment-friendly and healthy choice for your family. These rugs are made of plant fibers that grow fast and totally biodegradable. As the rugs are made of natural substances, they will not emit volatile organic compounds gases which have adverse effects on health thereby keeping your family safe. They also bring warmth to your house introducing welcoming organic colors like brown and green. The rugs are manually crafted by skilled artisans who weave beautiful patterns into the fibers and creates sophisticated and elegant rugs. Please note that runner rugs do not include a complementary rug pad most of the time. The rug pads help in protecting the floors and offer additional cushioning effect thereby preventing the rug from sliding on hard surfaces and wooden floors.

Choosing the Right Pattern – The runner set things in motion and once you have finalized the style of the rug, now you need to choose the right patterns. Generally, for a grand entrance, a striped runner rug can able to visually extend the runaway. Geometric patterned rugs work perfectly for a lived-in-mid-mod look or for stark modernism. The hallway rugs that has floral pattern will blend seamlessly with vintage style or bohemian houses. Oriental rugs have numerous flower patterns and matches well with traditional décor. As a runner is a small rug, it is vital for considering pattern scale. As a runner sets the pattern for the rest of your house, therefore if you keep it simple, opt for a solid-colored rug. runner rugs

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