• April 17, 2024

Choosing a Conservatory Roof

A new conservatory roof can transform a room that has become a bit of an out-of-the-way oddity in your home into a fully-fledged living space that you can use all year round. If you’re thinking about upgrading your old polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your taste, budget and lifestyle.

Choosing the right roof will also impact on the style of your conservatory and how you plan to use it so let’s take a look at the main types.

Polycarbonate roofs with uPVC framing are the cheapest option but they’re also the least energy efficient allowing a lot of heat to escape in the summer. However, with advances in glass technology these days it’s possible to get a glass roof that’s not only very stylish but is thermally efficient too.

The beauty of a glass conservatory roof is that it lets in a great deal of natural light making your room feel more like an extension of your home. It’s also easy to add roof windows (or even skylights) into a glass roof as and when you need more light or simply want a little more airiness.

With the emergence of modern aluminium frames you can now get glass conservatory roofs that are both strong and stylish. The strength of the aluminium can help to keep your room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Advances in glass technology have also made it possible to create ‘performance’ roofs for your conservatory that can be as low as 7W/m2 which is very energy efficient and will keep your room feeling comfortable all year round.

Another good thing about a glass conservatory roof is that it looks the part. It will give your room a real wow factor and impress visitors to your home. It is also very low maintenance and will probably only require the occasional washdown and brushing of the leaves in autumn. This is an important consideration for older or infirm homeowners who may be unable to climb ladders to maintain their roof.

If you are looking for something a bit more traditional then a tiled conservatory roof is the way to go. They are tough and independent and typically last for up to 50 years. They’re available in a wide variety of colours so you can match them to the rest of your house to make your conservatory really feel like an integral part of your home. Alternatively, they can be made to look very contemporary in appearance by using modern lightweight tiles that are coloured through. This is especially popular if you’re adding your conservatory to your property as it will blend seamlessly with the existing aesthetic.

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