• May 30, 2024

Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Flanged Ball Valves

Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Flanged Ball Valves
The Valworx 586005 is a dual certified fire safe/low emission 2-piece 150# ANSI Class fire safe flanged stainless steel valve for on-off control of oil & gas, water, air and other media compatible with the materials of construction. The electric actuated valve is power-to-open and power-to-close and remains in the last known position when power is lost. The actuator is direct mounted to the valve reducing the assembly and providing a compact package for tight spaces. Limit switches can be installed on the valve to provide remote position indication. On receipt of a continuous voltage signal the motor runs and via a self-locking gear drive rotates the ball one quarter turn. On a reversing continuous signal the motor turns in the opposite direction reversing the valve position.

This high quality flanged valve is designed to withstand pressure and vacuum allowing for full flow with minimal leakage in both directions. This ball valve is ideal for water and other liquids, gases, oils, petrochemicals and many industrial applications.

Available in 2″ – 8″ sizes with ANSI flanged end connections this valve is offered as both a manual and automated (smart) flanged ball valve. The automation package includes the valve, actuator and a smart sensor to monitor the valve status ensuring consistent performance. The intelligent design allows for the adjustment of parameters such as the control pressure, temperature, flow and liquid level. Using a high quality PTFE fused seat provides an excellent seal and reduces maintenance costs compared to traditional valve designs. Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Flanged Ball Valves

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