• July 22, 2024

Finding a Caregiver Agency in Montreal

Providing home care to elderly and disabled clients is one of the most rewarding ways to make a difference in people’s lives. However, it can also be challenging and stressful – especially for caregivers from overseas who have little support from their family back home or from their employer. Thankfully, there are many agencies that help with finding home care work in Montreal. These include Tender Caring Angels, Home Care Assistance Montreal, Golden Home Care, and Equinox Life Care. These companies are all committed to ensuring that their clients receive high-quality care and that they are satisfied with their services.

In addition, there are some government programs to help caregivers. The Quebec Seniors’ Tax Credit is a great way for seniors to save money on their home care costs. And the Revenu Quebec Program helps families pay for part-time or live-in caregivers. This program covers 35% of the cost of caregiving services for loved ones who are 70 and older.

A lot of people from abroad work as caregivers in Montreal because it offers good wages and benefits. Some caregivers also gain experience in Canada and use it to apply for permanent residency. If you are a foreign worker, you can work temporarily as a caregiver in Canada if your employer has a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). However, it is important to understand the rules and regulations when applying for a LMIA.

In Canada, the LMIA process can take up to 12 months. To avoid delays, it is best to submit a complete application before your visa expires. You can also work while your application is processing if you applied for a new LMIA before your current one expired. This is called maintaining status. This article will cover the basics of how to maintain your status while you wait for your visa to be processed. caregiver agency montreal

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