• April 17, 2024

Gaming Headsets

gaming headsets are designed to be a comprehensive audio solution for gamers. They’re often built to be more durable than regular headphones, and they can be used with consoles, computers, phones and mobile devices as well as games. They can offer extra features, such as directional sound that allows you to hear where sounds are coming from in the game world. They can also be much cheaper than a surround sound system and are easily portable.

If you’re looking for a great gaming headset, the $100 – $200 / PS100 – PS200 price range is usually where you can get some of the best models. This is because the higher cost typically means better driver and surround sound qualities, along with more premium build quality. It’s also where you’ll find models that support cross-platform use, allowing you to switch between PC and console (via the right hub) without needing to swap out headsets or changing connections.

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pros are a great choice for those after a high-end open back gaming headset. They deliver excellent audio reproduction with deep bass and high-fidelity mid and high frequencies. They’re a joy to listen to in a large, detail-heavy game. The ear cup design is very comfortable for long periods, too.

Corsair’s open backed headset is another great option for those after airy gaming cans. It’s a solid competitor to the BlackShark V2 X and Razer Kraken, with excellent audio quality and 300-hour battery life. It’s also ideal for streamers, with its easy integration with Corsair’s existing mic peripherals.

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