• June 21, 2024

How to Make Paper Quilling Jewelry

There’s something about the way a coiled strip of paper looks that makes it a wonderful medium for making delicately lovely jewelry. In fact, these adornments are guaranteed attention-getters. When you wear a piece of Paper Quilled Jewelry, people will want to ask what it is and how it was made. The answer is that you roll the paper with a quilling tool to create a coil and then use your fingers to shape it into a particular form such as an outline circle or teardrop, for example.

Although all the earring and pendant projects in this article are shown with metallic-edged strips, you can use plain (non-metallic) quilling paper, too. In fact, these designs will look just as beautiful with a tone on tone strip–blue with blue or magenta with magenta–for instance.

All you need to get started with this hobby is some 1/8” paper, a needle or slotted quilling tool (though a toothpick works in a pinch!), and your choice of acid-free glue. The simplest shapes can be rolled with your fingers, but for more intricate work you need a little bit of help from a tool that will allow you to make tight, even coils.

The tools have a slot for the paper to slip through and a pointed end for crimping the edge of the strip. When you’re finished, the loose end has a curved tail that can be adjusted with your fingers or trimmed to be longer or shorter. The paper is also a lot stronger than you might think; press hard on a coiled strip and it will spring back into shape. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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