• July 22, 2024

How to Manage a Cake Order

Whether it’s toasting parents’ 40th anniversary with a custom wedding cake, bidding a co-worker farewell with a theme dessert, or celebrating someone’s birthday with a special birthday cake, the centerpiece of many events is a delicious bakery treat. While most people can easily pick up a cake at the grocery store, ordering a custom cake for an event is a much more complicated process. When a customer places an order, it’s important that they be clear on all the details that need to be discussed with the baker, as well as the timeline and payment schedule.

The Cake Order Form

The best way to manage a custom cake order is to use an online submission form that clearly outlines all of the necessary information. For example, the form can ask for basic information like the date and number of guests; specific information on their desired cake shape, size, and decorations; and any special instructions that need to be taken into account (e.g., if they have a favorite character to feature on their cake). In addition, the form can include an itemized cost breakdown to help the customer see exactly what they’re paying for and when. It can also ask if they’re using any rentals (such as cake stands) and if they require any additional ingredients, such as fondant.

Once a person submits the form, it’s important that they receive a confirmation email with all of the relevant details for their cake order. This is especially true if the bakery is going to be doing a tasting or consultation with the customer before baking the cake. This will not only confirm that the customer understands the terms of the agreement, but it’ll also serve as a written record that they can reference when talking with the baker.

The next step is to set a deadline for the customer to sign and pay for their contract and deposit. While this isn’t meant to be punitive or make the customer feel pressured, it’s a good idea to set a firm date by which the cake needs to be paid for in order to guarantee the booking. If the customer doesn’t meet this deadline, you can explain that their request isn’t guaranteed and that you’ll need to speak with them again about scheduling. However, if they do meet the deadline and they still wish to book their custom cake, you can happily proceed with the order. After all, it’s your job to take care of customers and make their cake dreams come true! cake order

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