• July 22, 2024

How to Select the Best Fitness Apps

The best fitness apps aren’t just about exercise; they can also help you track your health, support a healthy diet and keep you motivated to stick with it all. Whether you’re looking for an app to keep you focused on your workouts or an all-in-one health and wellness solution, there’s an app for just about every need. The best fitness apps can even sync with your favorite wearable devices like Fitbit and Garmin so you can get all the data in one place.

The first thing to consider when selecting a fitness app is what kind of workouts you’re interested in. Some apps offer a wide variety of workout options from full-length classes to short, manageable sessions with easy-to-follow video instructions. Others focus on a specific type of workout such as yoga, HIIT, strength training or meditation. Having a variety of workout options helps you prevent a “burnout” by preventing your body from getting too used to the same routine day in and day out.

Another important consideration is how long you want to spend working out. Some fitness apps are designed for those with busy schedules or who don’t have a lot of time to spare, such as the 7 Minute Workout app that provides HIIT workouts that can be completed in under 30 minutes. Others, such as Nike+, provide a variety of full-length classes with trainers ranging from Serena Williams to Rory McIlroy.

If you’re a data hound, you may want an app that can track a range of key metrics, such as heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned throughout the day. Other apps encourage a more social element by encouraging users to connect with friends and compete with each other, such as Strava, which has a loyal following among runners and cyclists.

An essential feature to look for in a fitness app is how well it can sync with your favorite wearable device or gym equipment, such as a treadmill or bike. For example, Map My Walk has a free version that can be paired with GPS devices to track your walks, runs and cycling. A premium tier adds more tools and coaching to improve your training and can be paired with devices such as Apple Watch, Android Wear and Garmin.

Other popular fitness apps include Argus, which has an extensive list of compatible fitness services and hardware that allows you to track your steps; distance traveled; calories burned and more; and Strava, which encourages social media-style sharing by tracking the activities of users worldwide in a visually appealing manner. And finally, there’s the popular Peloton app for those who own the company’s expensive bikes and treadmills, but the app works with other fitness services as well.

Many of the top fitness apps can be downloaded for free, but if you’re considering upgrading to an unlimited subscription, prices start at $7.99 per month and include workouts, community integration and game-style challenges. Before signing up, it’s worth trying out the app to see if you enjoy its interface and class offerings. best fitness app

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