• June 21, 2024

Interviewing a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer can make the difference between a contentious divorce that drags on for years and a speedy resolution of all outstanding issues. Choosing the right attorney is a vital decision, and interviewing several attorneys will help you find one with the skills, experience and fee structure that will best suit your needs.

Before your consultation, take the time to write down all your questions about the divorce process and your goals for a successful outcome. Also, be sure to include your budgetary constraints and any specific issues that you need to address in your case, such as child custody, property division or spousal support. This will give the attorney a clear idea of the scope of your situation so that he or she can provide you with an accurate estimate of how long your legal matter is likely to last.

During the consultation, you should listen carefully for the attorney’s level of understanding and empathy, as well as their communication style. You should also learn about any additional resources they may offer to their clients, such as financial experts or parenting coordinators. Typically, these additional professionals will be used during the mediation process to assist you and your spouse in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement on disputed issues.

Be wary of lawyers who try to “sell” you services during your initial consultation. These tactics might include using your emotional state to manipulate you into hiring them, or attempting to conceal their fees by quoting flat rates for certain legal procedures but charging you hourly for others. divorce lawyer

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