• June 25, 2024

M15 Gas Masks

The m15 gas mask is a military mask used by Israeli Defense Forces and Police. It provides eye, face and respiratory protection from all known NBC agents. It also takes threaded 40mm NATO filters, which last approximately 8 hours upon taking it out of the seal and attaching it to the mask. It has a side voice emitter for radio use, and a drinking attachment so you can connect a straw. It also includes a mask cleaning cloth.

While surplus military gear has its fans, and they can certainly be found at your local flea market or steampunk fair, it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying before making a purchase. While they may be cheap and look cool, they may not protect you in an emergency situation. Especially when it comes to gas masks, which can be quite deadly if used incorrectly or even just out of date.

The most popular and most likely to be seen surplus gas mask is the GP-5, which was produced in large numbers by the Soviet Union to counter a possible nuclear war with the U.S. It was also distributed to most Soviet citizens, and you can still find them today at sites like Chernobyl.

Unlike modern masks, the GP-5 has latex rubber that stretches over the head and faces, and it’s not very comfortable to wear. It’s also not very effective, since the lenses that are crimped into the latex are small and can fog up easily. Plus, it’s difficult to change out the filter because you have to take it off, exposing your face to whatever contaminants may be around.

If you’re going to buy a surplus gas mask, make sure it’s one that has been tested and approved by an independent lab. It’s not enough to trust the information on the box, which is often written in broken English or Chinese, and might be out of date. Also, check out the expiration date to see how long it has been in storage.

The m15 gas mask is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple but effective NBC mask, especially for those that live in an area prone to terrorist attacks or natural disasters. It will fit comfortably and securely onto any adult-sized face, with no need for a head harness. It’s also lightweight and can be easily carried in a bug out bag. It is designed to be used with 40mm NATO filters, which offer protection from nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) warfare agents as well as toxic gases. It can be purchased online and at your local surplus store. Just make sure it has a certified export certificate before making your purchase, and don’t forget to get a pair of filters with it. ABSOLUTELY NO EXPORT SALES, as this mask is only for domestic use. Thanks for understanding. We appreciate your business! m15 gas masks

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