• July 22, 2024

Magnetic Signs For Trucks

Magnetic signs for trucks are a cost-effective marketing solution that delivers a good return on investment. They are easy to apply and can be removed easily if needed, making them perfect for businesses with a dynamic advertising strategy that requires seasonal updates or temporary promotions.

They are a versatile option that can be used to brand vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The key to success is choosing the right size. Too large and the sign can be difficult to mount safely. Too small and the sign may not be as visible or create the desired impact. The ideal size for vehicle magnetics is 12″ x 18″.

The 30 mil sheeting that makes up the signs is strong enough to resist pulling away at highway speeds, but still flexible enough to conform to any surface and withstand bumps and scrapes during regular use. These sheets are also compatible with digital printing, allowing companies to directly print onto them with their Mutoh ValueJet or PrismJET printers. The corners of the signs are then rounded, which reduces the aerodynamic drag that is created by squared edges and improves durability.

Trucks and SUV’s offer more available surface area for branding compared to standard passenger cars. For example, the tailgate area on work trucks is a prime spot for magnetic signs. This gives drivers behind you the opportunity to view your information as they pass, a valuable feature during rush hour traffic commutes. magnetic signs for trucks

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