• June 25, 2024

Matter Residences – The Brains of Your Smart Home

Matter residences is located at Mattar Road, near Canossa Convent Primary School and MacPherson Primary School. It is a new launch condo with 250 residential units.

CSA’s Mindala-Freeman says the initial vision was that Matter could become “the standard platform for smart homes,” but there are lots of factors at play, from how well the technology works to whether companies want to put their money on the line. “If they do, it’s important that the devices work together, because if they don’t, consumers will be frustrated,” she says.

If a device supports Matter, you can connect it to other Matter devices using Wi-Fi or Ethernet without the need for a hub. The protocol uses a mesh network to communicate between devices and is designed for battery-powered gadgets, like smart lights. It also uses Bluetooth for the device setup process but doesn’t support advanced functions, like energy monitoring in smart plugs or complicated scene control for connected light bulbs.

The goal is for Matter controllers to act as the brains of your smart home, managing communications and automations and facilitating remote access (if enabled). They don’t need to be special new devices; instead, you can expect the major smart speaker, router and digital display brands — including Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung SmartThings — to update existing products to become Matter controllers as they come available.

That means you might be able to upgrade your Bluetooth, Zigbee and Z-Wave gadgets into the Matter ecosystem with an over-the-air update in spring 2023. Amazon’s Echo 4th-gen, for example, will become a Matter controller in that way along with its Eero Wi-Fi routers and a bunch of smart plugs and lights. matter residences

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