• June 21, 2024

Men’s Bamboo Socks

Bamboo is a sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric that’s used in a range of men’s and women’s clothing, including socks. Unlike cotton, bamboo is anti-microbial and breathable, meaning it keeps feet cool, dry and blister-free (and prevents the build up of fungal infections like athlete’s foot). Bamboo also absorbs more moisture than wool or polyester socks and holds dyed colours far better than cotton. This means that your socks will look good and last longer.

EcoSox are a UK-based brand that uses bamboo viscose for their socks, and their entire range is made from OEKO-TEX and OEKO-100 certified fabrics. Their socks are woven to a fine 200 needle gauge and come in a variety of bright and neutral colors. They are four times more absorbent than cotton, ensuring your feet stay cool and dry even when they sweat. EcoSox are one of the few brands to have a complete environmental policy covering a number of topics, such as chemicals used in processing, factory discharges and energy conservation. They also donate unsold or returned garments to charities.

Cariloha are another UK-based brand that’s using bamboo in their sock line. Their bamboo socks are blended with organic cotton, recycled nylon and elastane, and are a great option for everyday wear. Their sock range is small but includes ankle socks and slip-in no-show bamboo socks, plus knee-high athletic socks. They also offer a matching hat and underwear line, as well as a men’s bamboo shirt.

The founders of Boody have a passion for sustainable living and aim to create products that are “A Comfy Way To Save The World”. They use a closed-loop process that recycles water and solvents to make their bamboo viscose, which they blend with organic cotton, merino wool and nylon to create their sustainable basics. Their socks are OEKO-TEX and OEKO-100 compliant, and are WRAP certified for ethical factory standards.

In addition to their bamboo-based men’s and women’s socks, they also have a bamboo underwear range, pajamas, robes, tees, hoodies and more. Their minimal product selection is focused on capturing their core values of minimalism with purpose and quality, and they use local production whenever possible. They also support a number of eco-organizations through their 1% for the Planet membership. They have a special discount for first responders, students, teachers and military personnel. This allows them to support their community and keep their prices low for everyone. They also offer a 100-day exchange and 10-year defect warranty on their bamboo garments. men’s bamboo sock

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