• July 22, 2024

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

In modern kitchen cabinet design, simple shapes are more common than elaborate detailing. Flat slab doors that avoid excess details like crown molding, raised panels, and decorative carvings create a clean, minimalist look that emphasizes flat, sleek surfaces.

Often made of man-made materials like metal, plastic or concrete, modern kitchen cabinets also feature semi-opaque or frosted glass fronts. This style helps reduce visual clutter on countertops and reveals the contents of your cabinets. It’s a popular modern cabinet trend that is also seen in stair railings, backsplashes and other kitchen accessories.

The use of contrasting colors is another key feature in modern kitchen cabinet designs. While neutral shades provide the foundation for a modern palette, earthy hues, blues, and even fluorescent yellows and greens can be used to add a splash of color. MasterBrand reports that 46 percent of homeowners choose a contrasting island cabinet color that differs from the shade used on their main cabinets.

When it comes to cabinet hardware, c-channel or flat linear pulls are the most commonly used types for modern kitchen cabinets. Their strong horizontal lines accentuate the linear elements found throughout a modern kitchen design.

When it comes to finish, white is the most popular choice for modern cabinetry. However, if you are willing to step outside the norm and introduce some color to your modern kitchen, black kitchen cabinets can make a dramatic statement in your home. The dark color creates powerful contrast with light marble countertops and backsplashes, giving your kitchen a luxurious appearance. modern kitchen cabinet design

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