• July 22, 2024

Socket Head Screw

A Socket Head Screw is a type of bolt (or screw) with a hexagonal drive built into the head that is designed to be tightened and loosened using an Allen wrench (hex key). These are some of the strongest screws available (link to tensile strength and torque specification chart), inexpensive and easy to install. They are also less prone to cam-out than other screw heads such as Phillips head screws or flat and slotted heads, making them a great choice in applications where a strong, reliable fastener is required and there are space limitations.

Socket Head Screws are available in a variety of materials and finishes to meet different environmental conditions and application requirements. Commonly used in industrial, machine and automotive applications, these screws are often finished with black oxide to provide corrosion resistance and a sleek appearance. They may also be available in a variety of zinc plating and plain finish options.

There are three primary types of Socket Head Screw:
Button Head Socket Cap Screws – These have a round head that is slightly larger and more bulbous than standard socket caps. They offer good load-bearing capacity and are commonly used in safety applications where other screws or bolts could snag clothing or other objects on moving machinery.

Low Head Socket Cap Screws – They have a head height that is 50% lower than the traditional Socket Head cap screw. Used in thinner materials where clearance is too limited to use a full-height cap screw. Socket Head Screw

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