• May 30, 2024

Sports Rehab in Canton, OH

If you’re a passionate athlete, whether that means competing at the highest level of your sport, or simply enjoying it as a recreational activity, you put in time and effort to hone your skills and follow best practices to minimize injuries. However, sometimes even the most careful of us sustain sports-related injuries that can put you out of commission for a while.

Fortunately, sports rehab can help you navigate the healing process and get back to the game. Whether you’re an elite athlete, or just a weekend warrior, the physical therapy team at Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital can treat your injury and help you meet your athletic goals.

Gregory James, PT is located in Canton, OH and provides advanced rehabilitation services to the surrounding areas. This highly-rated practice accepts multiple insurance plans and provides online scheduling. Check out the great ratings on Healthgrades!

Complete Sports Rehabilitation is a cash based physical therapy practice which allows your therapist to focus on you and your recovery, not the insurance company. Each session is one hour long, allowing your therapist to properly assess your injury and implement an effective treatment plan designed to reach your goals.

Formerly Concorde Therapy Group, NovaCare Rehabilitation in North Canton, OH is proud to offer a new name and greater access to physical and occupational therapy in Stark County. The same dedicated therapists are still here to support your health and wellness needs. We are committed to helping you recover from injury and return to your optimal training without barriers. sports rehab canton ohio

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