• July 22, 2024

The Double F on a Fendi Bag

If you own a fendi bag, or have ever considered purchasing one, chances are you’re familiar with the brand’s sleek double “F” emblem. Known for being an essential part of the label’s DNA, it appears on everything from the iconic Baguette to the newer Peekaboo convertible tote and a complete range of styles that express the Maison’s design language.

Venturini Fendi’s modern take on the classic bag quickly established a place for itself in the coveted accessory category of luxury bags. Prized by celebrities, models and A-list influencers the world over (not to mention Sarah Jessica Parker, whose Carrie Bradshaw was mugged while sporting a purple sequined Baguette in the Sex and the City episode that cemented the handbag as a status symbol), it was Fendi’s first bag to become a pop culture icon.

It’s not hard to see why. The Baguette’s elegant silhouette and single detachable strap allow it to effortlessly slip into a wardrobe for everyday use or for a girl’s night out. Since its debut, it’s been reimagined thousands of times by fashion designers, artists and celebrities alike – from leather and velvet to raffia and canvas.

Like any high-end designer piece, it’s important to inspect a fendi bag closely for signs of quality. Authentic pieces will feature pristine stitching that’s evenly spaced and in the exact same color as the bag’s material. Also, the stitching on the corners and ends of the straps should be neatly woven in rather than glued, which is typical of cheaper imitations. In addition, all Fendi bags after 2004 will contain a serial number embossed on a narrow leather tag or sewn into the seam of one of the corners or pockets. This is in addition to the hologram sticker that was included on some earlier bags. Newer bags will also include RFID tags – scannable technology that contains information on the bag’s production, which can be verified at a Fendi store or by a certified authenticator. fendi bag

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