• June 21, 2024

The Home Recycling Element Collectors and Assimilators of the Future

In the future each home and business will have a machine, and this machine will take any molecule, and rip it apart back to its original elements. And then each element will be divided into its own category and stored for future use. You could take any chemical, or compound that was in any shape or size, within reason, and this machine would disassemble it down to its basic elements. This will be the ultimate home recycling machine or the ultimate business recycling device.

Then, when you wanted to make something, you would simply punch up on the computer what you want to make in the recycling machine would take the elements needed to make that provided there were enough of them and assimilate them into the compounds and chemicals needed to instantly manufacture the product that you desire using nanotechnology, quantum mechanics, and nuclear mechanics.

This means you could take the trash, and recycle it all, and when you had too much of one element you could trade it to your next-door neighbor, or someone else that was trying to make something that needed more of a certain type of other element. When one person had fewer elements of a certain type than they need, this would set the price for the elements needed for assimilation. Think of it as free-market capitalism.

In this type of process nothing would ever be wasted, and everything almost within reason would be reused. Now, when I say “in the future each home and business will have one of these machines,” realize that future might be 2200 A.D., and it certainly isn’t going to happen anytime soon. However, it is the logical progression of material sciences, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, and our need to protect the environment that we live in on our home planet. Please consider all this. plastic shredder machine

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