• May 30, 2024

Ways opted by taxi-hailing services to accustom to the pandemic outbreak

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People are busy with their packed schedules,Ways opted by taxi-hailing services to accustom to the pandemic outbreak Articles so they are opting for apps like Bike taxi for commuting on a regular basis. The main reason contributing to the extensive use of these applications is the timely service availability and advanced features of bike taxi apps. Bike taxi apps have approximately generated revenue of $5 million per year. So it would be wise to invest in Bike Taxi app development.

General trends and stats relating to the impact on taxi-hailing services owing to Coronavirus Outbreak:

  • Car sharing services are the second-fastest-growing sector. This growth is mainly due to the comfort of traveling in vehicles and not contributing to the ownership and maintenance of a car.
  • Car sharing service companies are expanding their operations to various countries. For example, BlaBlaCar has expanded to Russia and Ukraine, the two biggest countries in Europe.
  • According to the report by GlobeNewswire, the biggest players in the global ride market are Maven,car2go, BlaBlaCar, and Getaround.
  • The Asian Pacific region is expected to lead the taxi booking services market in terms of market size. The dense population and increasing urbanization are the main factors contributing to the market. Taxi-hailing services such as app-based taxi services, car-sharing services, and station-based mobility are expected to flourish in this region.
  • Due to Coronavirus, the market has become almost stagnant for ride-hailing services. Post-COVID crises, the taxi-sharing services market is expected to grow to $117.33 billion by 2021 from $75.39 billion in 2020, this adds upto the growth of 55% in a year. But this growth estimation effected by 2.1% due to the impact of Coronavirus.

Precautionary methods opted by various taxi-hailing service applications for protection from the deadly virus

  • DiDi: China-based taxi-hailing platform DiDi has come up with an overhaul of safety practices for passengers and ride providers. Cheng Wei, the CEO of DiDi, said the taxi booking startup had kept the plans of expansion of operational areas until the Coronavirus situations stabilize. They are working with the Public security departments for building security mechanisms.
  • Uber: In countries like the US, India, and most of Europe, drivers cannot take rides if they are not wearing masks. Uber is following the safety regulations of the local health bodies of the respective countries. Here are some of the measures taken by Uber:
    • Drivers must wear a face cover. They must use hand sanitizers after every ride.
    • Uber is encouraging drivers to cancel the rides if they don’t feel safe taking the trip. These situations occur when passengers are not wearing masks, or the locality is an isolation zone.
  • Grab: The Super app Grab is providing masks to its active drivers, they can collect it from selective railway stations in Indonesia. Hand Sanitizers are also distributed for the public across certain GrabNow Shelters and GrabBike Lounges. Grab has provided financial assistance for the drivers who were affected by Coronavirus, which includes the amount of Rp1,500,000 for GrabBike and Rp3,000,000 for GrabCar.
  • Lyft: The popular ride-booking app, Lyft, has distributed over 20 thousand sanitizers and other cleaning supplies free of cost to the drivers.
  • Ola: Fares are reduced during the Coronavirus period. Sanitizers are given to drivers free of cost.


Taxi booking services are taking neccesary precautionary measures to provide safer rides to passengers. Gradually the number of passengers using the Bike taxi-like apps increases as they trust these services for a safer commute. Entrepreneurs can acquire on-demand Bike Taxi software from leading app development companies. They have anticipated the need for features like face scanners for mask detection, report employees when they are not following precautionary measures, and many more. Establish your business in the taxi booking sector by getting bike taxi clone apps. chauffeur for melbourne airport

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