• June 25, 2024

Which Ice Cube Machine is Right For You?

An ice cube machine is a must-have for anyone who drinks a lot of cold beverages, from iced coffee and seltzer to cocktails and Long Island ice tea. The best ice machines deliver plenty of high-quality, chewable ice to keep drinks cold and dilute tall drinks when necessary. But which one is right for you? There are many factors to consider including the size of your space, how much ice you need at any given time, and whether you want a countertop or remote model.

Unlike countertop refrigerators and freezers that freeze a large amount of water all at once, an ice cube machine freezes water over a period of time. This allows the machine to produce a steady stream of small and medium-sized cubes throughout the day. Some models dispense the cubes with a push of a button, while others have a scoop attached to a wire arm.

Other ice makers can make larger, bullet-shaped nuggets that are more suitable for drinking and cocktail making. These are often used in restaurants and bars for their chewability and ability to cool down drinks faster than other types of ice. These machines can be a little noisier than other ice machines, but they are also more compact and can fit in tight spaces.

Lastly, consider how easy you want the machine to be to use and maintain. A self-cleaning option can be a huge plus, as it cycles a solution of water and bleach or vinegar through the entire machine to ensure that bacteria doesn’t build up in hidden corners. Otherwise, a simple manual cycle of emptying and wiping down the bin, condenser, and exterior should be enough to keep your ice maker in good condition. ice cube machine

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