• June 25, 2024

Why Professional Online Dating Photos Are So Important

Online dating photos are the first impression people have of you and can make or break your profile. They communicate more than your bio, app choice, message template and swipe strategy combined.

Most importantly, they leave a lasting impression and can influence your ability to meet people and get dates. That’s why it is important to have quality photos that showcase the best of you. Taking good, professional online dating photos can seem extra, but they will give you an advantage over the 85% of people on dating apps who take selfies or have friends take their photos for them.

A professional portrait photographer understands that a photo needs to be flattering, show personality and look authentic. They will have the right lighting and props to create an image that makes you look your very best. This will be a mix of head shots and body shot images. They can also provide you with several different images to give you options for your dating profile.

Whether you’re looking to date, hook up or find a life partner, the photos on your dating profile are critical to your success. It’s estimated that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and good quality, professional photographs will show off your personality, attract attention and help you stand out from the crowd of low-quality profile photos.

While some people think they’re saving money by using their smartphone to take their own online dating photos, it’s not worth the potential damage that can be done by a bad picture. The average smartphone camera has a wide angle lens that distorts facial features and can make you look heavier or shorter than you really are. The lighting and glare on the screen can also ruin the image. Using filters and effects can also reduce the quality of your photos.

According to the feedback website, Photofeeler, selfies do not portray a person’s face well and should be avoided in online dating photos. People are not attracted to images that are too posed and contrived. They want to see a natural smile and body language in their profiles.

In addition to avoiding overly posed or fake-looking poses, your dating photographer will likely suggest you use props and backgrounds that add a splash of color and vibrance to your photo. For example, books, headphones, bikes, hats, and coffee cups can all be great accessories for your photos and help bring out your personality and style.

Another tip your dating photographer will probably give you is to try to include an image where you’re both looking at and away from the camera. Studies have shown that women tend to have better results on online dating sites when they’re pictured smiling directly at the camera and men tend to fare better when they’re looking away from the camera.

Finally, it’s important not to post any racy photos on your online dating profile. Studies have found that overtly racy pictures are the biggest turn-off for most women on dating sites. Professional online dating photos

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