• April 17, 2024

Words of Validation For Men

Men are complex, individuals, and have thoughts, feelings, and emotions that may not always be visible (vestiges of cave protection and other ancient roles). They also need and want validation from their partners. In fact, research shows that healthy, loving relationships thrive on a balance of giving and receiving words of affirmation.

When a man hears that you think he’s sexy or hot, he feels energized and valued by the compliment. It fills up his love tank and makes him feel like he’s a good partner. Telling him this in front of others is especially effective, since it builds up his self-esteem and sends a powerful message that you care about how he looks.

If a man has his heart set on being a father, he needs your words of affirmation even more. Whether you are addressing his role in the relationship in front of children or letting him know that you appreciate his efforts while he is away on work, a few loving words can go a long way for your connection and help you to form a strong parenting team.

Words of validation are also a crucial tool during conflict. It’s hard to respond in a supportive, empathetic manner when you disagree with someone. But by validating a person’s feelings, you can reduce their defensiveness and the tension of arguing about something. It allows you to get past the fight and move towards a solution together. On the other hand, if you fail to validate a loved one during an emotional conflict, it can actually make their fears worse, which is why it’s so important to learn how to do this effectively. words of validation for men

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