• May 30, 2024

Fender Washers

Fender washers are flat washers with a significantly larger outer diameter in relation to their inner hole. This feature allows them to distribute forces applied when tightening and provide a greater bearing surface for the fastener on thin or soft materials. They are commonly used for sheet metal work, such as auto repair, plumbing and electrical applications and get their name from their use on car fenders.

Like all washers, fender washers protect mechanical parts from damage by distributing the load of a threaded fastener. When a bolt or screw is driven directly into a piece of material, it can damage the surface of the part, causing cracking and corrosion. A washer prevents this by separating the fastener from the base material.

Depending on the application, fender washers can be made from materials that provide different levels of strength and durability. Zinc-plated fender washers offer moderate corrosion resistance and are typically more cost-effective than stainless steel options. They can also be finished with additional strengthening materials like neoprene or steel to help resist wear and tear.

No matter what your project requires, find the fender washers you need online at FMW Fasteners. We carry a large selection of standard, heavy and extra-thick fender washers to fit your needs. We also make it easy to return any unused items within 30 days, so you can buy what you need and be confident knowing that you can return anything you don’t use later. fender washers

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