• June 21, 2024


After merely chanting ‘start’ or uttering the alphabets,Guest Posting ‘s-t-a-r-t’ a heavy car weighing 200 kilos started revving up. When the next word ‘go’ was uttered by that person what a miracle was seen. Akin to a lord commanding his devote, the car started swiftly running on the road. The car now gained more speed. This car without a driver at the wheel was whizzing past on an open road and at that moment another car was approaching it from the opposite direction. Hence this person seated afar commanded ‘halt’. Thus this car without a driver stopped and halted immediately.

After reading these lines, the reader must have assumed deluded that this was a magic show or an act of sleight of hand. Yet this is just not true. This was a well managed program that was exhibited by 2 youths called Graham and Neil. This feat was performed in Melbourne City of Australia on a road that oozed with many spectators. In order to witness firsthand, how powerful is the sound of words a huge crowd had gathered.

Behind the fact that a lifeless inert car was functioning at the behest and direction of words uttered by a person was at work a scientific law. It was the power of sound that was at work. In the hands of the person exhibiting all this was a small match stick like box called a transistor. The function of this transistor was to send the word (sound) of a well defined frequency uttered by the person directing this car to the control unit below the dashboard of the car via the medium of electrical power. Bang in front of this was another machine called ‘car radio’. When the electromagnetic waves of the words uttered banged against it, all cogs and technical units of the car got activated. Not only the engine but that the horn, lights, wipers etc too started functioning on hearing these uttered words. Although the lay public who witnessed all this were spell bound yet specialists of this technology knew that this is but an onrush of the infinite vault of power of speech.

The power of words/sound while superseding all material forces also possesses the potentials of subtle piercing. It was only after this definite information was unearthed that Indian seer philosophers helped advance the Science of Mantras. By itself anything that we utter affects us and others individually and at the cosmic level too. A small pebble thrown in a big lake can send waves to far off regions. In the same way every word uttered by our mouth creates vibrations in the subtle atoms of space. Due to these vibrations invisible inspirations awaken in people. We do not know from where thoughts enter our brain but Mantra seers know that thoughts emerging in our intellect are certainly no sudden accident but are focused subtle vibrations in layers of energies right since commencement of creation. These bang into the knowledge centers/sheaths of the brain manifest as thoughts. Also our brain is capable of catching and help flowing, a continuous stream of one single class of thoughts. A humungous revolution can be created in the thought realm of the entire cosmos via a stream of one type of thoughts flowing ceaselessly in the psyche. For this it is not a must that these thoughts be uttered via speech and conversations. home theatre

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