• June 21, 2024

Methods of dermatologists cure acne

Generally speaking,Methods of dermatologists cure acne  Articles acne treatment can be divided into two major categories of oral and topical: oral antibiotics can prevent the growth of bacteria in the hair follicles which cause inflammation, thereby reducing acne; some oral vitamin A will control skin cell renew and reduce oil secretion, but will also comes with dry skin side effects, these patients can choose some with moisturizing auxiliary treatment products. Tretinoin (Vitamin A series) can effectively get rid of acne, it is reported that: tretinoin (Vitamin A series) remove acne, cosmetic effect is significantly, from remove acne, smooth fine lines, dilute the stain to narrow pores, almost almighty. Because of these drugs are irritating, many patients often abandon the use. The researchers point out, learn how to proper use tretinoin can reduce the side effects.

Compared to prescription products, the efficacy of non-prescription tretinoin product is weak, the onset time is longer, but to skin is relatively mild, and the price is relatively low. Therefore, the tretinoin manufacturer recommend that sensitive skin and first time users should be selected concentration of 0.1% of non-prescription tretinoin formulations retinol, it can be slowly converted to the active ingredient – tretinoin, so that its irritating to the skin will relatively small.

If use three months, the skin has not improved, we can consider switching to more effective prescription preparations. In this case, the non-prescription products had been make the skin gradually adapt to, so that even change to the preparations at this time, the side effects produced by latter will likely be significantly reduced. Due to tretinoin drugs will in some extents dry the skin. Therefore, choose to start using in summer when the air humidity is relatively large, it is a more scientific program.

What should be noted that during application period of retinoic acid, should be suspended for the depth of facial care. Because dry skin is more prone to having burning sensation, it is necessary to consider continuing facial cares after the stimulation symptoms of tretinoin disappeared completely. Moreover, some facial products, including scrub cream, exfoliating products, containing alcoholic toner, containing drugs cleanser and cosmetics, may react to tretinoin, should avoid using at the same time.

Cosmetic raw material suppliers advise that when the first time use tretinoin, take the size of the beans amount to try, but should avoid applied in lips, eyelids, and other sensitive areas. Retinoic acid has obvious teratogenic effects, even if apply very small doses, or a very short time, it may cause fetal severe brain and heart defects, mental retardation, therefore, during the treatment and stopping medicate 30 days after should strict contraception. Due to retinoic acid can make the surface dead skin shedding, which is equivalent to remove the natural protection of skin against UV layer. User can topical use the antioxidant products which can reduce inflammation, such as green tea essence. Mixed with oats and fresh milk into a paste, applied to the face for 10-15 minutes, first wash with warm water, then the cold water, it also can remove steatorrhea material, make the skin smooth and delicate. Tretinoin for Acne

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